Dear Brownell Quality Collision, I’m afraid that my frame is bent. If it is, should I sell my car after the repairs are done? I’ve been told that once the chassis has been bent the car will never be the same again.

Your vehicle may have a chassis (frame) or it may have uni-body construction. It doesn’t matter which it is. The answer is simple; If you choose a quality repair facility that has the proper, up-to-date equipment and certified experts to repair your vehicle, no one will be able to tell the vehicle had ever been damaged. It will handle the same, get the same gas mileage, and be just as safe as before the frame was bent. You were simply told an old wives tale. With an expert repair your car will be just as good after the repair as before. Keep in mind the quality of the repair is in direct proportion to the quality of the people who do that repair!


Is my car going to have two different shades of color because Brownell is only painting the areas that have been damaged instead of the whole car?

Absolutely not! At Brownell Quality Collision we say with confidence that your car will look as if it had never been involved in an accident. At Brownell we have a state of the art paint mixing system to assure perfect color matching, which makes even exotic colors as easy to match as standard factory shades.


Can you fix my car?

Yes! We fix all makes and models of vehicles. No discrimination here!


Do you work with my insurance company?

We work with all insurance companies, and you have the right to have your vehicle repaired at the shop of your choice.


My insurance company already gave me an estimate. What do I do now?

Bring the estimate in. We’ll work off of it and contact the insurance company if any further repair is needed.


Do I qualify for a free loaner vehicle while my car is in your shop?

If you do not have rental coverage, are not a claimant, and have full insurance coverage on your vehicle, then you qualify for one of our free loaner vehicles.


What is a claimant?

A claimant is the owner of the vehicle that was hit by another insured vehicle.